Hints and Tips: running Newsletters & increasing Subscribers

One effective way to build customer loyalty is to communicate regularly via some form of free-to-subscribe newsletter. A common set of questions arise, revolving around publication frequencies, types of content, and hints and tips to increase readership.

In principle, there are 3 fundamental things to keep in mind.

1.  The best method of list-building is always to provide useful, exclusive, engaging content on a regular basis; this gives people a reason to subscribe.  Content is King, always.  

2. A critical component of success is making it easy for people to subscribe and unsubscribe.  

4.  You should select a frequency – e.g. daily, weekly, monthly – and then adhere to it, without fail – being consistent is more important, than the frequency itself. For example, it’s better to start monthly and (when the time is right) increase this to 2 per month, then 1 per week, etc. This will be seen as a positive trend.  It’s not advisable to start daily, then slip to 1 per week, and then to 1 per month. This will be seen as a negative trend.

We help smaller companies optimise their email lists / newsletters, starting from just $150 USD. For this, we analyze their newsletter, subscribe & unsubscribe process, content (quality, grammar, style, etc.) and then recommend tactics to maximize readership, etc.