Stratigen provides strategic business services to CEOs, MDs, Senior Managers, Small & Medium business owners, Entrepreneurs and Start Ups. Simply put, we accelerate business performance - using strategy, marketing, finance and innovation, to increase revenues & generate profits.


On-demand CFO services, including: scenario planning, VC & PE, Budgets & Forecasts, Business Intelligence, KPIs, & Financial Management, and Control & Audit.


On-demand CEO & COO services, including: Strategic plans, M&A, Business Turnarounds, Market Entrance, Strategic Diagnostics (GE, BCG, SWOT, PEST, Ansoff, Porter) and Competitive Intelligence.


On demand CMO services, including: Marketing plans, Branding, Conversion, Differentiation Content marketing, Product Life Cycle management, Product Management and Pyschographics.


On demand C-level Ideation, Software Prototyping, Blue Ocean / Blue Skies thinking, Revenue Diversification, Revenue Generation, Business Model Re-invention, anti-Competitive Strategies, Business Process Re-engineering and Organisational Design.

How do clients  rate Stephen’s personal performance?

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Here are the 5 most recently completed projects, along with the with 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) star rating received from the client:

"Marketing specialist & strategy developer"
"Business coaching in strategy & marketing"
"Business strategist & operations manager"
"Strategic planning for publishing business"
"Marketing strategist & brand consultant"


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Stephen has been great to work with, regularly provides us with insightful ideas for improving our financials, business strategies, and more.

Brandon P.
CEO, SaaS software group

Great personality. A pleasure to work together.

Michael A.
CEO, Accounting and Audit business

Stephen is an outstanding freelancer and I highly recommend him. His communication skills are excellent and the result was a great marketing plan. He had great suggestions and really researched and understood my target market. I'm really looking forward to work with Stephen in my other projects.

Gina V.
Owner, Personal Training business

As always, Stephen provided insightful, meaningful, and comprehensive ideas. He was a pleasure to work with.

Michael N.
CEO, Crystals & Gemstones business

Stephen is exceptionally talented and has a clear vision of what is required for a strategic plan to be robust and defensible. He went above and beyond to deliver value for above what was called for in the project - would definitely work with him again in the future!

Michael J.
CEO, US medical non-profit association

Once again Stephen has left me speechless. The depth and quality of his work are out of this world. He is so knowledgeable, available 24/7, has great communication, and is always ahead of the time line, You get thousands of dollars of expertise for a fraction of the cost when you utilize Stephen on a per project basis. I sincerely hope that we are able to utilize his services for years to come.

Michael N.
CEO, Crystals & Gemstones business

Excellent advisor with excellent ideas. 100% fitted to the assignment provided.

Medit B.
CEO, SaaS software business

Great guy, great work, and communication.

Eric G.
CEO, High-tech Startup

Stephen was a great pleasure to work with. He came into a relatively specialised business and picked up the core parts successfully whilst also adhering to a very tight deadline. Many thanks for coming onboard to a challenging task - we will be working together again, I'm sure.

Ricky K.
CEO, High-Tech Startup

Amazing guy, perfect work quality and excellent ethics. Will definitely be hiring again soon!

Joash B.
Product Manager

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